I decided to ask one of my best friends this question ‘How do you identify me?’. Her reply gave me a mix of emotions and even almost brought me to tears. Normally a reply to this question would be short and simple but the fact that she gave me a long paragraph shocked and touched me. This was what she said … “At first, you would come off as any stereotypical basic girl. But after knowing you for a coming 5 years now, you are so much more than just Basic. Michelle is a paradox. She can be as clumsy and have the impression of a bumbling carefree girl, yet she contains wisdom beyond her age. She’s more than just basic, she’s a whirlwind of energy, capable of bringing a storm in her wake. she hates and loves fully, she wears her heart on her sleeve yet she doesn’t trust easily. She is fire, wild and untamable. She protects those that are dear to her, and burns those that provoke her wrath. Michelle is a Princess and a Queen, the world is her runway. But she rules her subjects with love and care, people crowd naturally to her aura. In these 5 years of knowing her, I have seen her flaws, her strengths and different sides of her. Yet there is still so much more to learn of her. She’s loyal to a fault and gives one too many chances, but once the limit is crossed, she is merciless. She is her own garden of roses, beauty beyond words but wit as sharp as thorns. And she’s the best thing that happened to me”

At first all i could think of was “woah”. Even though I have read that message just about a dozen times, it still surprises me that all that was written about me. To be very honest, i always thought that i was a horrible friend or at least a boring one. Someone that people will only call if they need something. Someone that gives terrible advice. Someone that will never leave an impact on anyone. I guess that is why reading that brought me to tears, it made me realize that perhaps i’m not just a person people will easily forget. Maybe, just maybe, I am actually able to change someone’s life. I think I needed to hear that from someone important and dear to me. It at least convinced me that perhaps this life of mine is worth living after all.

I just realized that my first ever blog post is so deep but hey at least its a good way to start right?

All the love, M



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  1. Yes, sometimes it’s so tragic that it’s not other people who take us for granted, but we ourselves who take ourselves and our lives for granted. Never underestimate the smallest things you do for others around you, and your influence in this world – and vice versa! Likewise, if people are mean to us, it’s more a reflection of themselves and their character than anything we’ve inherently done ‘wrong’. There’s so much to learn from every day, from good *and* bad happenings!


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