To be very honest, I want to be a fun parent. My child’s number one person, best friend and funniest person they know. I would want my child to enjoy my company and to trust me with anything.

I wouldn’t want my child to ever feel like she is alone. I don’t only mean physically, i mean emotionally too. I will never want her to feel alone even when i’m standing right next to her. I never want her to be in a situation where she will have to wait till everyone goes to bed before she allows herself to cry. The type of cry that burns her throat because she was trying to hold it in that badly. The type that makes her want to scream but she has to hold her breath and grab her stomach just to keep quiet so i wouldn’t know. I do not want her to plaster a fake smile on her face when she is around me just so she can hide the pain she feels. I want to be the type of parent that she can run to when she needs to put her guard down.

I want to be the type of parent that will be there for my child when she needs me there but at the same time allow her to grow up. Allow her to fall down but be there to help her get up. I want her to live her life to the fullest. To have memories when she gets older to laugh about and cherish. I will be protective of her and be strict when it’s necessary but i will never want her to feel suffocated.

Basically i want to be the mum that my child would want to be when she gets older.

All the love, M


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