For this box, I chose to interview my best friend on the the Acronym “ITE”, also known as Institute of Technical Education. Many people in the older generation tend to say that ite is a dead end and that there is no future coming out of ite. However i disagree and decided to interview my friend on her opinion on this. I chose her for this interview as she is from ITE. so i would be able to get a better insight on the school.

” Many people say that ITE is a dead end. What are your thoughts about this?” I asked her this question and this was her response.

“ITE: or more commonly known as It’s The End by many locals. The end of the tunnel, the final stop. “If you get into ITE, your future is screwed, you might as well start working at McDonalds”. But I say, nah .

In fact, ITE has changed over the many years. Our facilities are up to date, we have a rather pleasant learning environment and contrary to popular believe: no, not all of us students are learning about IT.

I’m close to 7 months into ITE College West and I can honestly say, if given a chance, would I want to give O Levels a try or stay in ITE? I’d gladly stay where I am. It’s a whole new start, we learn new subjects, adapt to new environment and we get to branch out to others. It’s refreshing compared to having to go over the same subjects for 5 years.

But of course, like any other schools out there, there is no lack of stress. (I think it increased with my time here). Apparently no matter which college we go to, there’s always an abundance of stress.

But, to make up for that, the people here are pleasant, and although intimidating (Considering I have a rather short height), they are just like the rest of us.

And, yes, although there were rumours and comments about our foul reputation, I say that give us a chance. Don’t group the rebels as the mistake of the whole school. The mistake of one does not define the image of a whole. Our number of piercings does not define us- I have 9 but I still have problems ordering my own food without getting horribly scared. The tattoos they have does not define them, a Friend of mine may look intimidating, but she has a flower tattoo and I think that just about cancels all assumptions. Our appearance does not define us.

So when people say that ITE students are gangsters, I’ll say, we’re really not. We’re just like everyone else.

It’s not the end for me here, rather, I’d say it’s the beginning of a whole new experience. It’s a new place, I can change however I want to be perceived as. A goody-two-shoes, an emotionless rock, I can be anyone I want. (Although I kinda already have those 2 traits)

But anyway, point is.
It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.”
ITE is never the dead end. Its a place of education that produces just as many talented students as any other poly or JC. We need to educate the older generation about the changes of ITE. It isn’t the same as what they knew before. ITE students should not be discriminated just because of the mistakes of others and they deserve just as much respect as any other student. People may think that it is easy to do well in ITE but it honestly isn’t. They have the same number of projects as Poly and they too need to maintain a GPA. They deserve support too. So give it to them.

All the Love, M



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