Looking through the global citizen website, i came across the article “The First Portion of Trump’s Border Wall May Bulldoze a Wildlife Refuge” which made me very angry. As girl known to love and have a soft spot for all animals, reading this pushed every single one of my buttons. Amongst the many unnecessary and, frankly, childish actions that Trump has pulled ever since his squabble over the Presidency seat, the idea of building a border wall has got to be one of the dumbest. The construction of the wall, which would begin as early as Winter in 2018, could destroy or damage natural habitats and even go as far as to threaten the Wildlife Refuge that compromises along the US – Mexico border. More than 100 animals that are listed as endangered, threatened or candidated for protection, like ocelots, grey wolves and jaguars, could be affected by Trump’s pathetic ideal of “Making America great again”. And the numbers don’t stop there, at least 400 species of birds, 450 types of plants and around half of the butterfly species found in North America is homes to the refuge. At this rate, with a child for a president leading the nation, the future for the already dwindling wildlife puts them on a faster path of extinction. As an animal lover, it makes me positively livid to know that the already endangered animals will be put at more risk, simply because Donald Trump wishes to continue the blind admiration and praising from his crowd, instead of actually trying to lead the nation. Not only that, with his great dream of building the wall, which costs a baffling budget of $21.6 billion US dollars to build, he claims that Mexico will be made to pay for the “badly needed border wall”as stated on his twitter. Hate to break it to you Mr President, but you’re just making yourself sound like a broke stoner promising to pay his weed dealer by next week and no one is buying it. This plan of his has so many holes, it may as well be a net to try and fish back all the lies he’s told. Does Trump not know of the damage he could cost to the homes and lives of these animals, or does he simple not care in hopes to satisfy his desires. Or maybe he does know the potential of this wall, and is simply carrying on with it, while making extinction and disruption of the balance of the food web, which would cause long-lasting damage to the biodiversity. I fear and worry for those animals that would unknowingly be caught up in the plans of man when they have done no wrong. These animals have lives, families and a history as much as we humans do, and because of the selfish, simple and childish thinking process of Trump, they may face extinction of their species.

All the love, M


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