I Did the $5 Challenge on 16th June 2017. The days Leading up to 16th of june i actually followed my grandmother to the wet market near my house to plan the meal i was going to prepare on the day. With the measly $5 i had, i made a deal with my grandmother. As she bought the ingredients enough to feed a family of 7, I offered to buy some of the ingredients off her huge pile and she would charge me according to the amount i bought off her.

so i bought 1/4 of a broccoli which cost me 50 cents

half a chicken breast which costs $2.50

a cup of rice which costs 50 cents

and $1 for any seasoning i used to cook with.

typing these out, i realised i was overcharged but its too late to argue with her as the payment was already made. I looked through recipes that i could use with this very limited ingredient list and found some good recipes.

For the chicken, i made a simple cream garlic sauce and cooked it with the chicken. I added 1/4 of a cup of heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of chicken broth, 1/2 a teaspoon of garlic powder and a tablespoon of parmesan cheese with a sprinkle of oregano. Whisked it over a low heat and when it was thickened, i added the chicken to cook together. Later, when i tasted what i had cooked, i regretted not adding more garlic powder or salt as the sauce wasnt salty at all ad tasted slightly bland.

For the Broccoli, I melted 25g of butter on a hot sauce pan and added 1/4 cup of milk. When it started to simmer, i added some shredded cheddar that my grandma had in the fridge and mixed it in till the sauce thickened and mixed evenly. I boiled my broccoli in a pot for about a minute and took it out to mix with the sauce. As my grandma had some excess sliced carrots, i used it to add extra colour.

For the rice, i used the rice cooker to cook it for about 20 minutes. While waiting, i had some extra chicken that i didnt use so i made a batter made up of flour, egg, salt and pepper to dip the chicken in and fry it.

When everything was cooked, i took a plastic container that my family recycled and packed the food in. Happy with i cooked, i prepared myself for the day out.

To keep within the budget of $5, my friends and i decided to visit the art exhibit at the National Art Gallery as it was free for us. We spent about 4 hours there before coming out for late lunch/early dinner. My friends went to a nearby food centre to buy their food while i ate mine. To be honest, i was pretty impressed with my cooking skills as the food tasted better than it looked.

I felt this challenge was a good way to teach me how to manage my money and to teach me that good food didnt need to be expensive and we can cook it at home too!

All the Love, M


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